Yellow River - the Real Pride and Pain of China

This is a deep and famous river all over the world, yet it makes people live in constant readiness for the surprises that can appear any time.

According to legend the Chinese civilization was formed on the banks and valleys of Yellow River. Silt of sand-yellow color in the water contributed to its name. With length of nearly five thousand kilometers it starts its way high in the mountains, at an altitude of 4 thousand meters, and flows to the Yellow Sea.

The nature of the river is shown in its sudden floods and change of the course. In just a few thousand years Yellow River deviated from the usual route more than two dozen times and merged with the neighboring rivers. The government tries all the best and puts a lot of effort to keep the restive river under control.

It is a great, powerful, and amazing attraction in China and everyone who saw it notes the special appeal, despite its murky waters. It always causes reverent feelings towards the forces of nature.