Unique Attraction on Desolate Northern Shores

A huge road of hexagonal shape basalt columns named a Giant's Causeway begins at the foot of the cliff and gradually disappears in the sea. Some of massive structures resemble humans or animals. About 60 million years ago, when volcanoes were actively erupting, the temperature at the surface of the Earth's crust was very high. The molten tons of basalt penetrated the top layer forming huge lava plateaus. Northern latitudes contributed to fairly quick cooling and horizontal compression formed hexagonal basalt pillars and columns. Some of the columns now reach a height of 12 meters.

In ancient times giants walked on these huge columns that were as massive as strange rock formations. Of course, this is just a legend of locals, but such attractions are always shrouded in aura of mystery. Giant's Causeway, which leads into the depths of the sea, rightfully belongs to the natural wonders that adorn the surface of the Earth.