The Most Active Volcano in Mexico

Popocatepetl volcano, or as it is known by inhabitants of Mexico El Popo, is one of the most amazing and eye-catching attractions of the country. "Smoking Mountain" is the translation of the name of the volcano El Popo from the language of the ancient Aztecs.

Interestingly, the entire surface of the volcanic slopes is different in appearance. At the bottom grow thick forests, which consist of spruce and pine trees. After such a thick green carpet appears dead zone covered with stones and boulders. And at the top there are glaciers that never melt. Soil near the volcano is very nutritious due to ash fertilizing.

When the volcano is active and reaches dangerous levels, visits and excursions are prohibited. In normal times the best months for climbing: in spring - March, April, and sometimes in autumn - September and October. The volcanic slopes are not deserted, there are about 14 monasteries built in the XVI century. They are well preserved and the architecture of each is different.

Popocatepetl volcano waits for brave souls who are not afraid of its hot breath. Experienced guides tell all about this amazing sight of Mexico and volcanic slopes are the best ground for discoveries.