Strong and Beautiful Hot Springs in Rotorua

Clouds of steam break through the thick volcanic rocks, sulfur fields seethe and simmer, forming fumaroles on the edges, bursting gas bubbles splash with noise on the surface from mud ponds.

There are wonderful bubbling cauldrons, siliceous terraces, rivers with hot and cold water, amazing geysers. The biggest of them is Pohutu, whose name is translated as "explosion". It is the most famous fountain of hot water, which is so strong that it reaches 30 meters height. The diameter of the crater is half a meter.

Several dozen geysers at a time or simultaneously emit hot water jets and clouds of steam. Nearby is the village of Maori. The steam surrounds the ancient statues of the gods, which seem to be very ominous in whitish haze. Thermal Park consists of numerous lakes with hot water. The area is very picturesque.

Reservoirs with unusual color of water are called Waimangu. Bright color in these lakes appeared due to various lineups of mountainous and volcanic rocks, which are making their way through the springs that feed the lake. Bright colors can be seen on the shores of Waimangu.