Mysterious Shimmer of Colorful Lights in Notre-Dame

This church was the only place of worship that has long played the role of the cathedral. However, over time the city grew and the dilapidated church no longer met the requirements of parishioners. Therefore, in 1824 appeared a decision to build a modern cathedral on site of an old church.

Construction of the cathedral lasted several decades. Finally, in 1872 it seemed that all the work was completed. But for another seven years continued finishing work and a unique wall painting inside. Then, it was decided to add a chapel the construction of which took nine years. And only in 1988, in a festive atmosphere the basilica was opened to the public.

The outlines of the basilica have interesting architectural solutions. There are two twin 70 meters towers in neo-Gothic style, which are named "persistence" and "restraint". There are three figures on the facade that symbolize the city of Montreal, Quebec and Canada. The bell is one of the largest, having the loudest sound in the whole of North America. Just imagine that the sound of the bell can be heard at a distance of nearly 15 kilometers. In the evening the walls of the Cathedral are lit up, and due to the stained glass windows dim light shines with incredible colors.